Spring is the season of happy memories and the winter season is mostly about hibernation. But if you are lucky enough to be in a position to decorate your house with a farmhouse centerpiece in living room, then you are set for life. The farmhouse centerpiece can be anything that enhances the overall atmosphere of the house.

This particular idea can be based on a single idea or multiple ideas depending on the location where it will be used. But the important thing is that it is functional and adds something new and delightful to the interior decor of the house. It may even be combined with other decorating ideas. Let us have a look at some of the best choices that you can make.

In case your house is already decorated, the first idea would be to use a wallpaper featuring an image of a field or a flower bed. Do not forget to add a beautiful cherry blossom window, hanging spring flowers and other lovely details. This will give a new look to the room and will reflect your adventurous nature.

Imagination is another key to success when decorating a house. If you are a more visual person, try to think about the type of objects you want to place in your living room. There is no limit in combining all these ideas and going on a wild spree.

The color scheme should match the rest of the house and your other furniture. For example, if you use a light orange theme, then use dark orange chairs in the dining room. The same would work if you use light blue and white colors.

If you want to come up with some more ideas, you can create a floor plan. Decorate the walls with pictures or photos of the plants in the garden. Maybe, you can also put some accessories like a plant basket or a jar filled with edible flowers, some beautiful picture frames and maybe even a vase filled with fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to spring, the season of blooming colors, if your house is already decorated, the most suitable theme would be the one with flowers and blossoms. You can have a lovely card table set with paper flowers. If the house is still being decorated, you can add a chair, an arch table or a loveseat with flowers.