30+ Top Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

The style of your farmhouse will ultimately reflect the time period in which it was built. For instance, in the middle ages, barn structures were built on top of a large building that contained the livestock of the farm. These buildings were often constructed from straw or wood, so they often had open spaces on top of them, allowing the farmers to move freely during their farm hours, which in turn kept the animals safe and secure.

Barns were also used to store food, as they were easily accessible, yet not in a place that was constantly being threatened by the elements. As a result, barns in this era were designed with great attention to detail, as they would often include beautiful carvings and even moldings to create beautiful accents around the inside of the building. Although they were often large structures, some of these barns would have been small and built just a few stories up from the ground.

  1. Modern Farmhouse on Dallas, Texas Photography by Sean Gallagher
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  3. An Open Porch a Large Gable Simple Trim and Over Windows
  4. En Shillings Way Exterior Entrance to New Residence
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  6. Beautiful Modern Southern Farmhouse by Steve Powell Homes
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  8. Modern Farmhouse Inspired Home with Dramatic Views of the Grand Tetons
  9. Image via: onekindesign.com

  10. Colby Construction Front Porch
  11. Board & Batten Modern White Farmhouse
  12. High Park Transitional Exterior Vancouver
  13. Image via: www.houzz.com

  14. Stunning White Farmhouse Bungalows
  15. Image via: www.pinterest.ca

  16. Contemporary Shingle Style House on the Shores of Lake Washington
  17. Image via: onekindesign.com

Because barn design was so important at this time, most of the barns that were built using the finest materials available. The designs were often intricate and featured stone walls, brickwork, and even metal carvings. For many people who lived in the countryside during this period, the barns were an important part of their property because they allowed them to have a place to shelter their animals.

In the Victorian times, the barn style of barn was very different from the barn design of the middle ages. Instead of being built from wood, these barns were often constructed from clay. Clay barns were often made out of a mixture of clay, straw bale. This made them very waterproof, which helped them to endure the harsh weather that was common in the mid to late nineteenth century.

Once you have decided on the style and design of your barn, it is important to choose a barn builder that will make the structure as realistic as possible, so that you will be able to enjoy a truly authentic look as you design your home. The more barn style design features that you choose, the more authentic the look of your barn will look when it is built.

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